Filtering by Smoothwall

Smoothwall’s Universal Threat Management (UTM) system is a layer of protection between your school and the world wide web.

A box is fitted in your comms cabinet and the internet feed connected straight into the box.

The Smoothwall box includes a firewall, web content filtering and Anti-Malware in a single integrated package.

The lightning-fast real-time web filtering software blocks access to unwelcome sites and it allows you to set preferences and only allows content through that you want your students to see, based on categories of your choice. The NYES Digital help desk will work with you to set up and manage your preferences and you have unlimited NYES Digital Help Desk support and troubleshooting.

Schools not connected through NYES Digital can still benefit from Smoothwall protection and can purchase a UTM box and NYES Digital help desk support.

We have options for primary and secondary.

To find out how Smoothwall can keep children and teachers safe have a look at the following document