School MIS Systems

Improving Your Choice

We have improved the choice of Management Information System (MIS) and Financial Accounting System (FAS) available to schools and academies by setting up a framework of suppliers.  This is in direct response to requests from schools that have told us they want more choice and more involvement when selecting the system that best meets their current and future needs.

We have interviewed, robustly tested, challenged and vetted all interested parties and put together a selection of fully compatible suppliers to select from.

The Framework runs for seven years starting in April 2017.


At Census time we run a dedicated Census help line to make sure help is available at the time you most need it.

Parent Pay Help

We offer a dedicated Parent Pay Help support package which can be taken as an add on to the SLA or as an independent package.

Professional Support

The NYES Digital core Software & Infrastructure Support Service  includes support for whichever MIS system the school purchased from the framework. 

For schools that don’t want to take out the full S&I package we offer an option for MIS ONLY support.

MIS Support Only Service

Alternatively, the MIS Support Only Service through Schools ICT for each of the vendors on the framework would be priced the same at £649 lump sum plus £2.97 per pupil for Primary and £682 lump sum plus £3.25 per pupil for Secondary & Special. Again plus the cost of the MIS licensing.

A school can also opt for S&I Support but not support for their MIS. In that case we have the Software & Infrastructure Support Service (Excluding MIS Support). This is priced at £649 lump sum plus £2.97 per pupil for Primary and £682 lump sum plus £3.25 per pupil for Secondary & Special (the same as MIS Support Only)

MIS Training

NYES Digital offers a wide range of training courses, covering most areas of curriculum and administration systems. In many instances courses are sequential, starting with introductory days and progressing to more advanced level courses. Courses are also designed to suit the varying needs of administrative, teaching, senior management and support staff. Training is available to all staff

Bespoke MIS Training

We can also work with you or your staff to help identify specific training requirements and develop a programme of ICT skills training. We will be pleased to meet with you and discuss requirements. Bespoke courses, on-site training, after-school sessions and provision on staff development days can all be arranged.