Onsite IT Technician

Proactive Support Direct to You

You may feel ICT support is merely a reactive service; a service that can only ever respond to issues that have already had an adverse impact on your curriculum delivery or school management.

Our School Technician Service is designed to be entirely pro-active, providing subscribing schools with regular visits of agreed duration and frequency by a named technician, to carry out all those regular maintenance tasks that help prevent costly failure, minimising downtime and maximising your investment in ICT systems.

Key Features

The School Technician Service is not offered as a replacement for our core Technical Support (Software) Service. We understand that a school’s ICT support requirements can be quite complex and no one individual can fulfil every need. So when you subscribe to our School Technician Service, you are not simply engaging one individual, you have the expertise and knowledge of the entire Schools ICT Team supporting them.

Our school technicians are able to carry out a range of tasks, many that lie outside the scope of our standard support services and that would normally incur additional charges. Tasks such as installing new hardware or software, server user management, general network “housekeeping”, ensuring all data is being securely backed up, updating tablet devices. These tasks would normally be charged at £80 for the first hour and £48 for each subsequent hour.


Your school technician can carry out tasks as well as support staff and assist in the classroom all for just £55 per hour.




The Secondary School Network Manager is tailored to each school and offered on a quote basis.