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Domains and DNS

Domain Registrar 

Are you looking to register your ideal domain name? Look no further than NYES Digital. We are registrars with JISC,  Nominet and 1and1.

Not sure what domain you should be looking for?

Our experienced team will be able to advise you on industry best practice.

DNS Service

DNS is the technology that makes your website, email and other web services work. NYES Digital can manage and deploy a fully redundant service for your web services . In addition we can offer SSL (security) and we offer our Plesk Advanced service to allow you to self manage DNS.


Order Now

To order a new domain or discuss options please log a call with our Customer Service Desk, 01609 536 086 option 1, and we can take care of the rest. We will respond to your inquiry within 2 working days.

Registrar – Nominet

Nominet are the main register of .uk domain names. This means that Schools and customers can easily register new domain names through us, at greatly reduced rates.

To find out more about Nominet – go to www.nominet.org.uk

UK Domains

  • .uk – The newest member of the UK Domain family.
  • .co.uk – The number one domain for British business online
  • .org.uk – The preferred non-commercial domain for championing causes and raising support
  • .me.uk – The personal domain for individuals wanting to build a unique, online presence

Registrar – JISC

JISC are responsible for the administration and registration of government and educational domain names since 1996.

Gov and AC Domains

  • .ac.uk – added value to organisations in the United Kingdom whose core mission is tertiary education and/or public research
  • .gov.uk – second level domain .gov.uk on behalf of Cabinet Office
  • .gov.scot –  Scottish government for this new second level domain.
  • .gov.wales and .llyw.cymru – Welsh government for this new second level domain.

IONOS Partner (1 and 1)

Registration of domains in the International domain family such as .com

Or why not try registration of domains in the next Generation domain family, there are over 600 click here to see the full range.

International Domains

  • com – The number one domain for international business online
  • org – The preferred non-commercial domain for championing causes and raising support

Next Gen Domains

They include (but not limited to )

  • .school
  • .university
  • .training
  • .play
  • .business

Domain Abuse

If you believe one of our NYES Digital registered domains is being abused you should contact us immediately. The complaint should include details of abuse along with the evidence to support it. Please click here to contact our support desk

Once we have received the complaint we will investigate the issue raised and respond as follows :


  • The Cirrus team will verify the spam headers/body to determine from where the spam was originated and the Type of spam.
  • In case of compromised/hacked domain scenario and first promotional spam instance, a warning will be sent to the domain owner. Subsequent spam complaint will result in suspension of the domain.
  • In case of deliberate phishing / 419 scam / Malware distribution, the domain name will be suspended directly.

Objection to the content or use

  • The Cirrus Team will investigate the complaint to determine the type of the abuse.
  • In case of compromised/hacked domain, a warning will be sent to the domain owner.
  • In any other case the issue will be dealt with according to our terms of business (See Smart Solutions for further details)

WHOIS Inaccuracy

  • The Cirrus Team will update / modify the WHOIS details if required