Meet the Cirrus Team

NYES Digital is dedicated to helping schools and companies benefit from the best Website and SharePoint solutions for their current and future needs.

We offer expert advice on all aspects of ICT and over the last 25 years have developed a comprehensive portfolio of professional services for schools and educational establishments across Yorkshire and beyond.

All our packages are designed to save time, worry and be very good value for money. By using a framework of suppliers we can constantly challenge the product, performance, service and price ensuring we gain best value for our customers.

NYES Digital aspires to be your trusted partner for all Web and Office 365 related matters. We want you to look upon us a part of your team, here to support you as and when you need us.

Benefits for your organisation

We are education specialists, here to help you to look at the bigger picture.

When we provide our customers with a technology solution, we consider current and future IT needs, alongside external factors such as on-going improvements to software, new or improved hardware, better ways to access and use the internet, and new advice or directives from Government.

When it comes to choosing the best, Schools ICT has experience, knowledge and excellent customer service and we won’t let you down.

Meet the Team

Dorian Robinson

Kris Kane

Will Powell

Paul Benson

Operational Team Leader

I have worked for NYCC NYES Digital for 22 years and the Cirrus Team since inception in 2011. Managed and developed the Cirrus server infrastructure and software infrastructure including Linux, Plesk, security and DNS.

Major project experience includes building and running Hambleton District Council website and Richmondshire District Council Website. Other projects have included the development  and launch various Local Authority websites including Veritau, Make Care matter and Music Hub. Web experience includes over 200 websites for schools.

Principal Support Officer

I have worked for NYCC NYES Digital for 17 years and the Cirrus Team since 2014. Managed and developed the Cirrus server infrastructure and software infrastructure . Major project experience includes building and supporting large scale SharePoint sites. Other projects have included the development and launch various Education, Business and Local Authority websites. Web experience totals over 200 websites for customers.

I enjoy working in Cirrus as we are small but multi-skilled team and am proud of what we have achieved. Each project we work on is different and it’s great to see the impact that the finished product has for the customer.

About Me

Outside of work I have a variety of hobbies and interests that keep me busy. I run a martial arts class twice a week and am also a qualified personal trainer. On a weekend I DJ at a local venue where I get to further explore my enjoyment of music.

ICT Officer

I thoroughly enjoy working for NYES Digital and being in the Cirrus team due to my roles and responsibilities being so varied. The atmosphere in the office is warm and friendly which brings out the best me resulting in positive energy and 100% effort.

My Experience

Website experience includes running the Managed service , website assisted creation and maintenance. Projects have included the development and assisted in the launch of various Local Authority websites including Harrogate and Rural Alliance and Brierley Homes.

About Me

I enjoy supporting my local football team Middlesbrough and watching sporting events such as the Premier League and the Formula 1. On a Saturday night you’d usually see me having a takeaway and then spending my evening in town capturing its nightlife.

ICT Officer

With over Fifteen years of experience in web development, my journey in the digital landscape has been both comprehensive and insightful. During a pivotal year at Aqueous Digital, I delved into the world of SEO, gaining knowledge that now complements my core web development skills.

During my 12-years at iBleep Ltd, I took on a multitude of projects spanning across web and mobile platforms. Notably, I contributed significantly to the development of an NHS communication app, aiming to bolster communication between wards and doctors, which in turn elevated both efficiency and the quality of patient care.

About Me

Being a dad to three fantastic kids keeps me on my toes, and together, we cherish our family outings. When the sun is out… we often head to the beach for some quality time. Personally, I’m a fan of long walks which give me a chance to relax. In my downtime, I indulge in gaming; I appreciate both the latest titles and classic retro games. Additionally, one of my long-standing interests is building my own computers, a hobby that combines my love for tech and hands-on projects.