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Case Study – Park Primary School Website Project by Cirrus

Client Background

Park Primary School, a respected educational institution known for its commitment to providing a high-quality learning environment, decided to enhance its online presence. Recognising the need for a modernized website, the school enlisted the services of NYES, a proficient web development company with a track record of delivering tailored solutions.

Project Overview

Website Transformation for Park Primary School: Teaming up with NYES, the school aimed to update its curriculum page to mirror the design elements found on another school’s website that they admired. The project focused on achieving a visually appealing and user-friendly online platform that accurately portrayed the school’s identity.

The Challenge

The main challenge faced by NYES was to replicate the desired design from another school’s website, ensuring a seamless integration into Park Primary School’s online platform. The goal was to provide a cohesive user experience while maintaining adherence to web standards and the school’s specific expectations.

Solutions Provided by NYES

  • Design Replication: NYES worked collaboratively with Park Primary School to understand the design elements they admired, successfully replicating those features on their own website. The emphasis was on achieving a similar visual aesthetic while tailoring it to the unique identity of Park Primary School.
  • Seamless Integration: The development team at NYES ensured a smooth integration of the replicated design into the existing framework of the school’s website. This process involved meticulous attention to detail to maintain consistency across all pages.
  • Ongoing Support with Custom Code: While the primary focus of the project was on achieving the desired design, NYES provided ongoing support by implementing custom code solutions to enhance functionality and address any specific requirements that arose post-launch.
  • User-Centric Approach: Throughout the project, NYES prioritized the user experience, ensuring that the updated website not only met design expectations but also provided a user-friendly interface for visitors navigating the school’s online platform.
  • Efficient Execution: NYES efficiently executed the project, delivering a revamped website that aligned with Park Primary School’s vision. The successful replication of the admired design elements, coupled with ongoing support through custom code solutions, contributed to a satisfying outcome for the school.

Client Testimonial

Donna Riley from Park Primary School: Praised NYES for their helpfulness in developing the new website. Specifically, they appreciated the close collaboration with the design agency, the attention to detail in matching the design, compliance, and UX smoothness. They also highlighted the excellence of NYES’s ongoing support plan and the efficiency in handling updates, recommending NYES for web projects.


“After starting my new role at Park, I soon discovered the website wasn’t how I would like it nor was it meeting the needs of our parents. I reached out to Cirrus for some information on how it was maintained. They immediately struck up a working partnership that allowed me to take control of our site. Design it to how I felt it met our audience better. Everything I suggested they worked with me to design, tweak and finally publish it. I have never been made to feel inadequate but totally the opposite, my opinions have always been valued and developed fully. My aim now is to continue this partnership and develop our class pages further”.

– Donna Riley, Park Primary