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The UK’s number one visitor management system.

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Please note, this is a bespoke solution and is quoted for on a school by school basis after an InVentry demo.
Trusted by more than 6,000 schools in the UK

Designed with and for education, InVentry's fully-equipped MIS integrated solution allows you to accurately monitor who is in school at any one time. InVentry speeds up the sign in process, keeps identity information secure, and leaves schools’ feeling confident that their students are safe.

InVentry Reception Console
This state-of-the-art console gives your receptionist full access to the visitor and staff database. With just a few clicks, they can perform a search, print visitor reports and fully manage the system.

20″ Touch Screen Monitor with Integrated Webcam
This responsive touch screen gives a modern, professional look to your reception or entrance area. The integrated webcam allows you to take instant photos of visitors to create ID cards.

Thermal Label Printer
This label printer works in tandem with your system, allowing you to print off labels in seconds. Plus, without the need to replace expensive ink cartridges, you will save on costs in the long run.

Full Installation Service
InVentry certified technicians will make sure that your system is properly installed, tested and that the InVentry software is configured to suit your operations, and will provide relevant staff members with complete training.

Service and Ongoing Support
Each system comes with a USB backup module that ensures your information is safe and protected. All software updates are included along with most new modules as they are released.

Multiple Entry Point Systems
For sites with more than one visitor entrance, we can easily supply additional touchscreens, label printers and barcode scanners that will work and sync with your central database.

Swipe Options
For staff and regular visitors, we can provide you with high-quality ID badges that work with a barcode scanner, allowing the visitor quick, automated access.

Events Management
Ability to pre-book visitors into the school for events such as parents’ evening. Visitors will then be able to print barcoded passes to reduce wasted time at the event.