Case Study – Bilsdale Carlton Schools Website Project by Cirrus

Client Background:

Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate CE (VC) Primary School and Carlton and Faceby CE (VA) Primary School: Esteemed primary schools in the UK, these institutions are renowned for their dedication to delivering a well-rounded educational experience. Under the leadership of Executive Headteacher Matthew Scott, they focus on fostering both academic excellence and extracurricular development.

Project Overview:

Website Management and Enhancement by Cirrus: The schools opted to continue their collaboration with Cirrus for the management and updating of their website. This decision was primarily influenced by the convenience and efficiency of having the website managed externally.

The Challenge:

The primary requirement was for a website that was not only easy to manage but also capable of being updated swiftly and efficiently. Given Cirrus’s prior role in hosting the website, we were a natural choice for its ongoing management and enhancement.

Solutions Offered by Cirrus:

  • External Management: Cirrus provided a seamless solution for external management, significantly reducing the technical workload for school staff.
  • Inclusion in the Service Level Agreement (SLA): The website’s management was covered under the SLA, assuring a structured, reliable, and comprehensive service.
  • Specialisation in School Websites: Cirrus’s proven expertise in managing school websites played a pivotal role in their selection for this project.

Consultation and Implementation Process:

  • Efficient and Streamlined Consultation: The consultation phase was marked by efficiency and ease, with a Teams call effectively laying out the initial proposal.
  • Tailored Customisation and Ownership: Matthew Scott had a clear vision for the website, particularly regarding aspects he wished to avoid, leading to a productive discussion on customisation. This approach ensured that the final website accurately represented the school’s ethos and vision.
  • Consistent Updates and Revisions: Throughout the project, the schools were regularly updated on the progress. Necessary revisions were made to guarantee that the end product met their high standards.

Client Testimonial:

Matthew Scott, Executive Headteacher: Expressed high satisfaction with the process, highlighting the straightforward consultation, the ability to customise the website according to specific needs, and overall contentment with the final outcome.


“The decision to continue with Cirrus for our website was driven by the simplicity and reliability of having it managed externally, ensuring swift updates. Cirrus’s prior experience with our website and their extensive expertise in school websites were significant factors. The initial consultation was timely and straightforward, with the Teams call providing an excellent platform to discuss our requirements and preferences. I appreciated being kept in the loop throughout the process, allowing me to have complete control over the website’s design and content. The flexibility to make amendments ensured that the final product was exactly what we desired. We’re delighted with the outcome.”

– Matthew Scott, Executive Headteacher, Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate CE (VC) Primary School and Carlton and Faceby CE (VA) Primary School