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Office Online

What is Office Online?

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that you can use directly from within a web browser. No need to install any software. Use on any device that has a web browser, be that a an iPAD, and Andoid tablet or phone, or a Windows device.Just log into Office 365 and off you go. As easy as that. And it is all available for free with your school’s Office 365 subscription.

Tell Me A Bit More. Why Should I Use Office Online?

  • Easy to use – It is just there, available to everyone, just by logging into Office 365. Nobody has to install any software on individual computers. And it just like using the Office applications that you are used to.
  • Always Up to Date – You’ll always have the latest features as Microsoft will always be updaing and improving the online version of Office. No need to wait for your IT department to get around to updating your computer, and maybe disrupting your work in the process.
  • Consistency – Wave goodbye to different versions of Office causing problems. So no excuses that you can’t finish that assignment because it was started on a more up to date version of Office on a different computer.
  • Available Anywhere – So long as you’ve got an internet connection, then you’ve got Office. Start a document at work on your PC, then finish it off at home on your iPAD. Check it over on your phone while on the train the next morning. Different devices, different places, same Office.
  • Automatic Saving – There’s no save button because your work is always being automatically saved in the background.
  • Collaboration and Co-Authoring – Office online is great for collaboration. Just share a document with other users, and they can open it and work on it as the same time as you using Office online. Office will even tell you who is working on the document at the same time as you, and flag up their work with different coloured tags.

Learn More About Office Online.

Microsoft has loads of information and online training to help you get started with Office 365. You can find all of this at the Office 365 Training Centre

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