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Microsoft To-Do

by | Jun 12, 2018


Microsoft To-Do

What is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do helps you create a list for anything—for work, home projects or just your groceries. You can keep track of deadlines by adding reminders, due dates and notes, and personalize each list with colourful themes. You can access your lists from anywhere with the Microsoft To-Do apps for iPhone, Android phone, Windows 10 devices and the web. For example, make a list of announcements for tomorrow’s assembly using To-Do from within Office 365 on your office computer in the evening, then access that list with the To-Do app on your phone the following morning.

To-Do helps you manage, prioritize, and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day, powered by Office 365 integration.

 Tell Me A Bit More. Why Should I Use Microsoft To-Do?

  • Plan and manage your day. Start your morning with a clean slate with My Day. Your My Day list starts out empty—helping you to be more intentional about what you want to get done.
  • Focus on what’s most important. To-Do’s Suggestions make it easy to prioritize your daily tasks. Suggestions look at your to-dos across your lists and recommend the most important ones for you each day.
  • Never miss a beat. Keep track of deadlines by adding reminders, due dates, and notes to your to-dos. Whether for work or personal tasks, To-Do helps you be more productive.
  • Get more done, together. Share lists and assign tasks to colleagues, friends, and family. Collaborate on projects to get things done faster.
  • All your to-dos in one place. Create lists for anything you want: work, school, groceries, movies, or household tasks. You can even personalize your lists with different themes and colors to help you quickly identify them.
  • Outlook Tasks integration. To-Do is integrated with Outlook Tasks, making it easier to manage all your tasks in one place.
  • Access from anywhere. Microsoft To-Do is available for free, and syncs across iPhone, Android, Windows 10, and the web.

Learn More About Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a simple and very easy to use program. One of the best ways to learn more about it is to just start using it. All you need to do is log into your Office 365 account and click on the To-Do tile to get started.

o365 to do tile

However, if you would like to learn a bit more before diving in, or at least have some guidance when you do, then please see Get started with Microsoft To-Do. The only point to be aware of is that To-Do is no longer in preview, so you may well find features that the article mentions aren’t yet available, are now in fact working.

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